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About Us

The ESOC Climbing Club is located in Darmstadt, Germany and supported by the Sports, Social & Cultural committee (SSCC) of the European Space Agency.

The club is represented by the following committee in 2017:

Chairman Michael Koller (ESA)
Treasurer Sebastian Martin (ESA)
Secretary Alexander Lais (Solenix)
Equipment Officer Volker Mayer (ESA)

Registration and Membership Fees

The club is open to people external to ESA as well. Being part of the SSCC clubs, the climbing club is subsidised by its member companies.

Internal Membership: People working at those SSCC contributing companies and having a Blue or Green Badge are eligible to a discounted membership fee.

To register for the current year, please fill out the membership form for this year and transfer the membership fee to our bank account (see below) or bring it in cash to one of the events.

The following membership fees apply for 2017:

Member Type Fee
Internal (Blue Badge) € 25.00
Family of Internal (Green Badge) € 25.00
External € 35.00

Additional fees may apply for special trips and training courses and will be clearly communicated in the respective invitations.

Bank Account Information

Account Holder ESOC Climbing Club
Bank BBBank Karlsruhe
IBAN DE51 6609 0800 0005 6415 19

SSCC Contributing Companies

The following companies are contributing to the SSCC in 2017:

  • CS Communications + Syst
  • Callisto Limited
  • CGI
  • DIS AG
  • Etamax Space GmbH
  • ESA
  • Eumetsat Staff Association
  • GMV Aerospace and Defense
  • GMV Innovating Solutions SRL
  • GMV GmbH
  • HE Space Operations B.V (ESOC & EAC)
  • ICTS Europe
  • LSE Space Engineering and Operations
  • Positim UG
  • Rhea Systems SA
  • Scisys GmbH (previously VCS)
  • Serco Belgium SA
  • Serco Services GmbH
  • Solenix Deutschland GmbH
  • Telespazio Vega Deutschland (ESOC & EAC)
  • Terma GmbH
  • Visionspace
  • Vitrociset Belgium SPRL
  • Redu Space Services
  • ATG Europe (previously AOES)