Club Night – Bouldering @ Pfundstadt StudioBloc
Dec 9 @ 18:00

We go bouldering in Pfungstadt. We meet at 18:00 in front of ESOC.

Drivers are usually needed, so if you have a car available please let us know.

For better planning let us know quickly whether you plan on coming.

The club pays for the entry fee and provides needed equipment. If you’re not a member yet, you can Become a Member.

We will send out additional e-mails for each of the club nights as reminder.

AGM 2019 @ ESOC H.IV
Dec 10 @ 18:00 – 20:00

We decided to follow in last years’ tradition and host it on-site. We will try to keep the meeting brief and efficient. But of course there is the option to go for a drink afterwards at a near-by location.

For offsite people, please read carefully:

  • if you have an ESA badge: you should be fine, just come join us in H.IV. If you don’t know where the room is or you are not sure if your badge grants you access to the H-building, meet us at 17:45 at the gate house. We will then go to the room together.
  • if you don’t have an ESA badge: please let us know that you are coming before Thursday, 5th December, EOB. We will then register you as visitors. Please arrive at 17:45 with an official picture ID (drivers licences are not accepted) at the gate house. We will come and pick you up collectively.