12/03/2019 @ 17:45 – 22:00

Dear beginner climbers and friends of climbers,

We are happy to offer you a beginner’s climbing course at the climbing gym in Bensheim (High Moves – Beginner’s Course) again this year. If you know anyone interested in joining, please forward this mail!
The course is held in English and split in two sessions on 12/03/2019 and 13/03/2019.
We meet at ESOC at 17:45 (sharp!) on both nights and drive to Bensheim.
What will I learn?

  • Safety instructions, e.g. how to put on the harness correctly, the right knots, partner check.
  • Belaying of another climber, e.g. how to safely belay, take in (hold in position), and lower people.
  • Basic fall training into the rope, for climber and belayer.

With this knowledge you’ll be able to participate in future club nights and climb and belay safely.


  • ESOC Climbing Club Membership (internal: €25, external €35)
  • Beginner’s Course Fee (€20)
  • Availability on 12/03/2019 and 13/03/2019 evenings: 5:45pm until 10:00pm

All required equipment is included (e.g. climbing shoes, harnesses, belaying devices), but you are welcome to bring your own.

How to participate?
1.        Respond to this mail before 28/2/2019. First come first serve.

2.        If you’re new to the club, please sign up for the ESOC Climbing Club at https://www.mysscc.club/home/ and transfer the total amount of €45 or €55 to the club’s bank account.
If you’re already a member, please transfer the additional beginner’s course fee of €20 to the club’s bank account.
Your registration to this course is final when the fee is transferred.

3.        Join us on 12/03/2019 and 13/03/2019 in front of ESOC at 17:45 respectively.

The regular club night on 11/03/2019 will be moved to 12/03/2019, so there’s an opportunity to get in touch with the other club members.