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Get Ready for 2016

We completed our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 15 December 2015 to close out this year and prepare for 2016.

A short summary of the discussed topics:

  • Our club nights were very popular and will be continued at the pace of the 2nd half of 2015.
  • We didn’t go climbing outside with the club this year. Something to work on…
  • We finally have a central equipment locker, so any of the committee members can help you if you need to borrow club equipment.

The committee was dismissed and re-elected unanimously, i.e. the committee members for 2016 are:

Chairman Michael Koller (ESA)
Treasurer Sebastian Martin (ESA)
Secretary Alexander Lais (Solenix)

Additionally we discussed improvements and activities for 2016:

  • After the last beginner’s climbing course people would like to learn about lead climbing and climbing outside. We will organise such events and inform you in due time.
  • We want to do more climbing outside, likely starting around May 2016.
  • If you’re looking for climbing partners outside of club nights, please use our mailing list address, through which you receive announcements and other information.

Trip captains, or ideas for interesting trips are always welcome. Please coordinate with the committee directly or through our mailing list if you have a good idea for a trip or even want to organise it.

The server that hosted the club website before has been retired and we’ve moved to another one. The website is now hosted and maintained by Alexander Lais. If you spot any mistakes or issues, please let us know.


We the committee would like to wish all previous members and all future members of our club a happy holiday season, lots of rest and a happy new year. There’s a lot of climbing to be done next year!

Website Relaunch

A new year, a new website…

We’re¬†moving the website to a different server and will move over the content piece by piece.

Check back in a few days. Club members will be informed via e-mail as well.

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